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   Thank you for considering Forthright outdoor craftsman company for your creative custom projects. I am  proud to specialize in beautiful custom Decks, Fences, Pergolas, and much more.  I have been building custom back- yard projects since 1999 and have always been proud  to be honest, upfront, and Forthright with my customers.  

 ​​​​​​As a carpenter I've built my  career around designing and  building Creative Custom Outdoor  Projects such as: Decks, Pergolas,  and Fences.  I believe the only  limit for an outdoor project is  your own imagination!  We'd  love to help design a special  project to re-invigorate your  outdoor space.

​​Certified Installer


Building beautiful decks and fences for any home !

Scott D Sansom



 LaHabra, CA

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