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Our purpose is to design and build special outdoor projects for our clients.  We will provide ideas and design assistance and will build your Creative Custom Outdoor Project with quality materials and craftsmanship.

  • Building Services
    • Having worked in this industry for this many years has given me an understanding of ​​the products available to work with.  I have been a certified installer with some of the leading synthetic and composite decking products including TREX®, AZEK, and Timber Tech®.  I also know which natural woods to work with to fit your various project needs.  As an owner/builder, I will be the one to design and build your project.  I pride myself on being an extremely detail-oriented carpenter.  Because of this, I will provide you with a quality product down to the last detail.  Between my ideas and skills and your unique vision, we can create something beautiful.  I look forward to working with you!

Our Values

  1. To Provide forthright communication with clients on all facets of a project.
  2. To Create a relationship with our clients to allow for a more open, personal, and stress-free environment.
  3. To Be Flexible With and Understanding Of our clients about their needs.
  4. To Stand Behind the quality of our work from design to completed project. 





and More!

  • Design Services
    • Tell me your vision and needs and let me provide my design knowledge and ideas to help your vision come to life.  I have been designing and Building Custom Decks, fences, and pergolas for 16 years.  Whether it's starting from scratch, removing and replacing an existing structure that no longer suits your needs with one that does, repairing an existing structure, or modifying an existing structure, I will work with you to help re-create your outdoor space to suit whatever needs you have: whether they be for entertaining, safety & privacy, beauty, or all of the above! 
  • Repairs and Maintenance Services
    • ​I not only design and build outdoor projects and structures, I can also help you to maintain your current existing projects.  Whether it's a small repair ,  a large repair, or addition to an existing structure, I can work with you to help you decide the best solution to your outdoor project needs!  I can also advise you on the safety and reliability of your current structure and whether it's in your best interest to remove and re-build or repair.

Our Purpose

​​​Our mission is to provide construction services in the design and construction of special outdoor projects.  We strive to provide our customers with open and honest service at all times, fair market pricing, and reasonable time lines.  We are a family run business and want to build projects that will help to enhance families’ lives by creating a fun and safe space to have gatherings with family and friends.

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Our Mission

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